Methodology of Mathematics and Mathematical Education 

For 30+ years I taught mathematics and methodology of mathematical education at every level – from secondary school to foundation courses to mainstream undergraduate courses to supervision of MSc dissertations in mathematical education and PhD theses in mathematics. The last 15 years I worked at the University of Manchester, where I am a Professor of Pure Mathematics (since 1998). I am a member of the Council and of the Education Committee of the London Mathematical Society – the professional organisation of British mathematicians.

My concerns about the state of the British education system led me to organise a Discussion Meeting “Where will the next generation of UK mathematicians come from?” (Manchester, 2005). Since then, my activities in the area of education are informed by the grim findings of that meeting.

My views on education are partially reflected in a blog “Mathematics under the Microscope”.

Book in print:

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Papers and preprints

Peer Reviewed Papers on Mathematical Education

  1. Didactic transformation in mathematics teaching, in The Teaching--Research Interface: Implications for Practice in HE and FE (Muir Houston, ed.). Higher Education Academy Education Subject Centre, Bristol, 2008, pp. 30-35.  ISBN 978-1-905788-81-1. pdf
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  1. The strange fate of abstract thinking, 2011.
  2. IT in university level mathematics teaching and learning: a mathematician’s point of view, 2010-11 (still being regularly updated).
  3. Mathematical abilities and mathematical skills (with A. Gardiner), 2006.
  4. A dozen problems (with A. Gardiner), 2005.
  5. What is it that makes a mathematician? 2005.

Some popular mathematics in Russian and Turkish

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